Cleaning Tips For Awning in Singapore

Awning in Singapore takes a lot of abuse from varying weather conditions and harsh elements as it provides protection from the sun and rain. Aside from shielding the properties, an awning can likewise serve as a decor to wherever it is installed. However, dust and debris from trees can dirty up the awnings over time irrespective of what they are made of – either metal or fabric. This is why it is of substantial importance to clean the awnings once or twice a year, or as needed, to keep them looking pleasant and extend their life.


awning Singapore for restaurants


For businesses that use awning Singapore like restaurant or coffee shop, having a clean and vibrant awning can exude a good feeling to people. On the contrary, if the awning is dirty, it can leave a negative impression that the business does not care about its image. So, to help take care of your investment whether at home or in your business, here are some tips to guide you.


Rinse Regularly

Rinse your awning at least once a year to get rid of the dirt and dust that has accumulated over time. Sometimes, the awning will look clean from afar but when you come closer, you can see the dirt that is not visible from a distance. When cleaning your awning, make sure you can reach the uppermost area to cover every part. Don’t leave any section uncleaned. In case the awning is nearby the trees, you should rinse it more frequently to prevent residue from baking into the awning, which makes it even more difficult to clean.


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Removing Debris

Tree debris like leaves and large twigs can cause damage to your awning in the long run. So they should be removed whenever you see them. Don’t let them accumulate as they will become more challenging to remove. If the tree’s branches are just a few feet away from the awning, you may consider having them cut off to keep your awnings clean all the time and it will minimise the need to clean regularly. Lightweight debris like pollen can be easily brushed off when you see them. If you rinse the awning, the pollen will be wiped out quickly. Furthermore, if the gutter’s overhead seem to leak leaves, you should clean it right away to keep it looking clean and pleasant.


dirty awnings in restaurants give bad impression


Lather Up

Sometimes, after the awning company in Singapore installed the awnings, the owner tends to forget cleaning it on a regular basis which leads to making it look visibly dirty. After rinsing, if the awning still looks dirty, you may use soap and brush to reinforce the cleaning. For fabric awnings, combine a mild solution of soap flakes with a bucket of water and then use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the fabric. Avoid using a brush with stiff bristles as it can damage the waterproof coating or the fabric of the awning, especially if it’s a bit old. A wand-style car wash brush can do the trick in cleaning a metal awning with a mild soap like dish soap.


Difficult Dirt

In case the dirt build-up or the residue does not come off even after using a mild soap, it may be time to use a spot treatment. Use a fabric or laundry cleaner to clean a fabric awning. Soak the area with a wool cleaner for a few minutes then brush gently and rinse. You can repeat the procedure if the awning in Singapore still has visible dirt that is hard to remove.