Curtains And Blinds – How To Choose The Right One

Curtains and Blinds 


Curtains or Blinds? This is the first question I when I need to block the sunlight out with my new home and especially my bedroom as I enjoy sleeping too much. At the same time it gives me the privacy I need since in Singapore most of the buildings are so closely built next to each other. Therefore, using curtains and blinds to provide more privacy is a really important factor too.


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There are so many types of curtains and blinds to select from. It is hard to choose because each type comes with so many designs and colours. The final decision of curtains and blinds must look nice with the renovation and it has to fit my personality (which means I have to love it when I look at it everyday) and remains practical to use at the same time.


There is no one formula to use or refer to when it comes to choosing some curtains and blinds that will meet the various needs of your rooms. 


Anyway here are some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right curtains and blinds for your home. 

1. Your biggest priority in choosing should be deciding upon whether you need privacy or light – or both!


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The least privacy needed in the house would probably be the living room and your living room you would probably need the most amount of light in to be bright. While the bedrooms, you will need the more privacy and maximum privacy have to be in the bathrooms.


2. Final decisions should be based upon your personal preference. After all, you are the one who is going to look at them every day. 


If you require high level of privacy, the curtains would have to be thick which might just make the rooms look much smaller. Also, when it is dark outside and you have the lights on in the house, curtains will allow others from the outside to see what is going on inside. For cleaning wise, curtains are more of a hassle as you will also have to remove your curtains from their position. Cleaning curtains is often a bothersome task as they are so huge and bulky and you have got to iron them before putting them back up again.


As for choosing blinds for your home, you will most likely receive a versatility look that offers a nice level of privacy. With blinds, you will also be able to enjoy the luxury of added control. For example, you can determine how much light you wish to let into your home by adjusting the length of your blinds. But blinds do have limited variety or style compared to curtains.


Cleaning and maintenance of blinds is easier. Just cleaning it with a damp cloth with soapy water is sufficient. Do note blinds are impossible to block out 100% of the sunlight. If you need to have complete black out, go for curtains instead.


3. Practicality 


Women usually chose aesthetic over practicality. Like with shoes, looks great but painful to wear and we will still wear it just to look good even though it kills our feet. I am sure it is a common problem to find that you might prefer curtains because it looks nicer but blinds seems more practical at times.


 Well, curtains and blinds, at the end of the day I think practicality triumphs.