Shower Screen Singapore – Framed Sliding Design
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Framed Sliding Design

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Framed Sliding Shower Screen

Shower in Style and Comfort.  Keeps bathroom floors dry and clean


Manufactured in Australia, all frames are aluminium anodised.  Custom-made to any configuration, all screens are made with quality components and are made to last.  The easily-adjusted Top Roller system keeps the sliding panels firmly on track and sloping trackless bottom sills cannot trap dirt or shampoo residue.  The stainless steel ball bearing rollers allow doors to slide firmly and smoothly and they are corrosion free.

Framed Sliding Designs

  • Front Sliding
  • Front Sliding with Return Panel
  • Front Sliding with Fixed Panels
  • Front Sliding with Return on Bathtub

Glass Specification

      * Tempered Glass 

      * Laminated Glass

      * Crystal Clear Glass

      * Polystyrene Panel

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