How to Pick the Right Shower Screen

Shower brings luxury to our daily life – it wakes us up in the morning and calms us down after a long day at work. It can soothe the body and wash away the worries. If your bathroom has a shower screen, then taking a bath will surely be a fun moment. But if your bathroom doesn’t have one, it can be a nightmare since the entire bathroom will be flooded with water every time you take a bath.

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A shower screen is not just installed to enhance the appearance of your bathroom but to protect the walls and floors from possible water damage as well. There is a wide array of bath shower screens available in the market, which means you have many options. So if you are planning to get a shower screen for your bathroom, here are things to consider for an easier task.


Bathroom Size

What is the size of your bathroom? Is it spacious or small? The right screen for smaller bathrooms is the one with a clear glass. The glass provides a minimalist appearance and can create an illusion of wider space; hence it will not make the room look even smaller. Another option for small bathrooms is the frameless screen since there are no huge attachments to highlight the restricted space. For spacious bathrooms, the frosted shower screen or tinted glass panes makes a good option as they will not affect the proportion of the area.

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Door Space

You should also take into account the size of the shower area and the available space surrounding the enclosure. Both can influence the type of door you should get for your shower. If your bathroom has enough door space, the ideal shower screen for you is one with pivot doors. This type of screen can be opened in two directions. The suitable screen for a bathroom with limited space is the one with unobtrusive sliding doors. Small bathrooms can also install a bi-fold shower door, especially if the room doesn’t have sufficient space for an outward opening door. Be sure to measure the door space before heading to a shower screen company in Singapore.


Decide on the Style

Shower screens commonly come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, shapes and materials. Choosing the style of a shower screen is perhaps the most exciting part of this task. You can look through brochures, displays and catalogues to find a design that matches your preference. Remember to consider all possible options, from the glass screens to frameless to the most stylish one. However, you need to eliminate the styles that don’t match the size of your bathroom. Take your time in choosing as there’s no need to rush into a decision that will just frustrate you in the end. Don’t forget to take into account the overall design of your bathroom including the wall colour and fixtures. It is important that the screen will match with the rest of the decoration.

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Ease of Maintenance

You need to be aware of the level of maintenance that the shower screen requires. Cleaning clear glass is obviously easier compared to cleaning a frosted-type of a shower screen. Soap scum on frosted screen may be more evident than on clear glass screen. When it comes to maintenance, the frameless shower screen makes the right options since there are no tiny areas where soap residue and dirt can build up.