Bathroom Renovation Project – A Big Challenge In Singapore

Waterproof bathroom renovation in Singapore


Bathroom renovation (Singapore) can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly, and here are some pointers to ensure that your project stays on track. We look forward to present to you a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing bathroom renovation and we are confident that it will run smoothly.


1. Budget

Setting a budget will help guide you as you make decisions about what to include in the bathroom renovation Singapore. Once you have figured out what you can spend, you will have a clearer sense of what you can spend on tile, fixtures, and extras.


2. Time

Many people assume that bathroom renovation for small or big bathroom take about the same time to complete. It is not necessary the case. Depending on how many items you are changing in the bathroom your contractor will have to go through all the same steps irrespective whether the bathroom is small or larger. Planning time is also crucial for those with only one bathroom in their house as they will have to make arrangements where to take a shower and use the toilet while the bathroom is under renovation.


3. Hidden problems

For your bathroom renovation Singapore to function flawlessly, you must be able to detect hidden problem such as water damage, structural deficiencies in the floor framing, not properly vented plumbing, old corroded plumbing and non-waterproof tile shower or tub surrounds.  


 Bathroom tray


4. Design style and functionality

Design should work hand in hand with functionality, so consider who will use the bathroom and how, consider an eventual resale of the house and also take a moment to think how the bathroom design will fit in with the rest of the house.


5. Plumbing fixtures and features

No renovation is complete without re-modelling or repairing fixtures and features. This will completely change the look of your bathroom.  


 Bathroom renovation


6. Cabinets, storage and shelving

Planning cabinets, shelving and storing solutions is a challenge.  They need to be functional and be able to accommodate all your stuff while keeping everything easily reachable


7. Walls and flooring

Virtually any material can be used to surface walls and floors in the bathroom as long as it’s waterproof, either naturally or by means of an impervious finish, but make sure your bathroom flooring must be durable and slip-resistance.  


8. Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial in a wet room like the bathroom. Poor ventilation can leave your bathroom damp, mouldy and can even harm your health. A well-ventilated bathroom, however, isn’t just a healthy bathroom. Continual airflow can also prevent both the decay of any wooden trim or fixtures and the saturation of building insulation.


9. Final clean

The final clean should include a thorough cleaning of all duct work, walls, floor, windows, and light fixtures. Although often overlook in the planning phase, in the case of a major bathroom renovation, you may want to consider contracting a cleaning service company in Singapore to do the final clean.