Shower Screen Singapore – 6 Things To Consider When Installing 1

Frameless design of shower screen Singapore 


Shower screens have shower doors that are usually complete with one or more panels that ‘enclose’ the shower area. There’s a wide choice of shower screen to choose from, including large walk in shower screen, wet rooms and quadrant shower screen Singapore.


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Six (6) things to consider:


1.The space in your bathroom

Decide whether or not you want a regular shower screen, walk in shower, a wet room or a shower bath. Your decision may influence the type of shower screen Singapore that is right for your exact needs. With planning it’s possible to fit a shower screen into a tight area and make life a little easier in your household. Consider exactly how much room and height is available.


2. The wall and positioning

It is important that you think about where to place the shower screen. Will it be in the corner, the centre of the wall, or in a separate enclosed area? This will impact on the type of shower tray and the type of enclosure door you require.

Also, if you are replacing an old shower screen if possible place your new shower in the same position as your old one as this will require a lot less plumbing work as your drainage, cold and hot pipes will already be in the right place.


3. Types of glass

The types of glass door that can be used for different shower screen vary. Here are some key points to consider:


Panel to ceiling shower


8mm or 10mm tempered glass is durable, long lasting and safe and also easy to clean making either a perfect choice.

Toughened safety glass is always a good choice for a wet room or shower enclosure.

It’s worth remembering that thicker glass will need more support due to the extra weight.

Depending on the shape, the larger the glass or the more curved it is, the less thickness can be achieved due to design.

If cost is a concern, or you do not like the look of thicker glass then 4mm or 6mm glass are great alternatives.

Edge Protection – glass which does not have a protective framing can get chipped and broken. A shower screen Singapore with strong aluminium framing will support the glass in the shower doors and keep it well protected.


4. Tray or no tray

You can find shower screen that come with or without trays; the former being more preferential as trays are specifically made to fit shower doors, which reduces the chances of leakage.


5. What about tiling?

Tiling is not always essential for the whole bathroom but when tiling is required for a shower area here are some points to consider:

When installing a wet room you’ll need to ensure all areas including the floor and walls are tiled and sealed correctly to prevent leakage.


6. Left or right hand fitting?

To work out the best place to put your shower screen Singapore, sketch the layout of your space and think about whether your enclosure needs to open to the left or right. That way you’ll be able to see where to place your shower tray and calculate exactly how much space you have.